Social media, networking groups, meetups, business mixers…what is the meaning of this life? Whew, if you didn’t post something today you may almost feel out of touch. I suppose it depends on your business model.

Meeting professionals online is not the end goal of networking or the only way to grow your business. However, a great online connection with a follow up and perhaps a phone conversation can equal closed business. Don’t be afraid to use some of the tried and true measures of setting an appointment for a brief call to connect. You may be finding more than common ground.

Don’t be shy when it’s time to say thank you! A hand written note is so appreciated and takes such a short time. There are several marketing avenues out there to generate it from your computer if a trip to the post office if frightening.

As we move into the second half of 2011 I’m going to set more time for face to face meetings and send more “thank you’s.” I can see how it has made those individuals on the receiving end feel and my business is richer for having done so.