OK so you are on LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter and all the others, now what? Most people spend time reading and seeing what others are doing. Are you spending any time making a connection that is anything but virtual? At are you connecting with out a plan? Are you just looking for a job and need to connect with as many as you can?

Here is something I have done that has resulted in new business. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of my connections was “now connected with” another former colleague. This was someone I had not seen or heard from in literally 16 years! After connecting on LinkedIn and sending a nice reintroduction message with a few questions included, we made a telephone connection. We realized just how long it had been, how much we had changed and how much we were the same. There were some laughs – partly because we are both 16 years older and wiser. Our conversation moved to a quick luncheon date and another realization that we are moving our businesses forward in much the same fashion. How exciting!

The end result? A new customer that is thrilled to do business with me. For them? A new resource for their business. Score for both!

It is so important to act on connecting. It is important to be a resurce for your connections. you cannot simply have your eye on your own prize. In this economy with so many job seekers connections have to be about give and get.

I truly think a key to this successful transaction is the networking that happened with a simple reintroduction but the fortune and continuation of a great relationship is in the follow up. Sometimes your past may become your present and that is the gift for you both.

Happy Networking!