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Published by Kelly on 14 Dec 2010


It happened again…I attended a wonderful event. Found some new and fantastic connections, gave some referrals and reconnected with some colleagues AND experienced the phenomenon again. Just like Christmas and Santa go together so do events and bad introductions.

Holiday event Famous Faux Pas introduction (or any event for that matter) sounds a bit like this. “Hello, I’m Kelly. What do you do?” follow by, ” I’m Dave, I am an Account Representative for XYZ Company” Yep, that’s it…I was given title after title after title. I have no idea what do these people DO? It is as if the title has the power to transcend my mind and serve my needs. I always thought your title was just that. Hmmm…let’s try again. “I’m Dave and ___________(insert solution to my potential problem here). It’s almost a New Year…no more Name, Rank and Serial Number…unless of course…

If you need help with your “elevator speech” we call it YourTalkTrack please do give yourself a present. Get your foot out of your mouth and you will start┬átaking steps to grow your business.

Published by Kelly on 04 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas…holiday party!

Dasher – don’t leave home so quick you leave your business cards behind.

Dancer - move about the holiday party, mix, mingle and meet new people.

Prancer – go on up and introduce yourself…great New Year’s resolution.

Vixen – steer clear of the holiday gossip…make the season merry!

Comet – comment on your Twitter page about the best networking events this holiday season.

Cupid – spread the love…give referrals.

Donner – put your best foot forward, dress sharp, you never know who you may run into.

Blitzen – stay away from too much spiked eggnog…till the season to be jolly…not folly!

Published by admin on 23 Feb 2010

Growing your Network

OK so you are on LinkedIn and Facebook, Twitter and all the others, now what? Most people spend time reading and seeing what others are doing. Are you spending any time making a connection that is anything but virtual? At are you connecting with out a plan? Are you just looking for a job and need to connect with as many as you can?

Here is something I have done that has resulted in new business. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that one of my connections was “now connected with” another former colleague. This was someone I had not seen or heard from in literally 16 years! After connecting on LinkedIn and sending a nice reintroduction message with a few questions included, we made a telephone connection. We realized just how long it had been, how much we had changed and how much we were the same. There were some laughs – partly because we are both 16 years older and wiser. Our conversation moved to a quick luncheon date and another realization that we are moving our businesses forward in much the same fashion. How exciting!

The end result? A new customer that is thrilled to do business with me. For them? A new resource for their business. Score for both!

It is so important to act on connecting. It is important to be a resurce for your connections. you cannot simply have your eye on your own prize. In this economy with so many job seekers connections have to be about give and get.

I truly think a key to this successful transaction is the networking that happened with a simple reintroduction but the fortune and continuation of a great relationship is in the follow up. Sometimes your past may become your present and that is the gift for you both.

Happy Networking!